Our mission is to drive sustainable demand for British wool in order to maximise returns for our members.

Selling British wool to the consumer

As part of its consumer focused marketing strategy British Wool have launched a consumer facing e-commerce website.  The website sells an array of British wool rich products including clothing, duvets, pillows, knitting yarn, insulation and even dog beds direct to the consumer. Graham Clark, Director of Marketing, explains “This is a very exciting development and one that will help us to drive real demand for British wool products with the consumer. We are initially working with 10 of our licensee partners and plan to increase this as we develop the product offering over the coming months.”

As well as driving demand for products made from British wool the organisation will also receive a commission on every sale made through the site. This additional revenue will be returned to British Wool’s producers.

The site will be a key part of British Wool’s activities moving forward, Clark explains “We are constantly asked by consumers where they can buy British wool products. This site will allow us to direct them to a destination that we know only sells genuine British wool products. We plan to integrate the site into our social media plans, we have over 114,000 followers who are highly engaged giving us an ideal audience to target. Our current website also receives around 14,000 unique visitors every month and an increasing proportion of the visitors are consumers looking for information on British wool products.”

Clark concluded “We very much see the new site becoming the number 1 destination in the UK for genuine British wool products, helping us drive sales and demand, and ultimately increasing the returns our producers receive for their wool.”

The website can be found at

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Selling British wool to the consumer New e-commerce website, helping to drive the demand for British wool products