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Meet the Team - Emma Jagger

Tell us about yourself. How long have you been with British Wool?

My name is Emma Jagger, I work at the Head Office in Bradford and I have been with British Wool since January 2019. Starting as a Receptionist and working up to Member Services; Then later including Shearing as part of my role.


What are your main responsibilities as British Wool’s Shearing & Member Services Supervisor?

My main responsibilities are to ensure the smooth running of the Member Services department, I believe that contact with British Wool should be a stress-free and pleasant experience. Therefore, support my team to deliver this.

As I am new to my Shearing role, I am striving to learn all the intricacies that come with it.


Describe a typical working day for you in your role.

At the moment the majority of my day is taken up with supporting trainees booking their place on our shearing courses. We have introduced a new booking system on our website which has made the process much simpler for trainees. I also support BISCA in their secretarial work.

On the Member Services side, we are working on a project to improve our paperwork and contact with Members.


What do you enjoy about your role?

I really enjoy talking to the new shearing trainees and hearing what they hope to do with their new skills. As well as the more confident shearers who are now working in the industry. It is such a positive, supportive community that understands the value of training the new generation of shearers.


What motivates you day to day in your work?

I am a late bloomer career-wise, I was a young mum so attended University as an adult. The course I undertook had absolutely nothing to do with farming or agriculture, I completed ‘Working with Children, Young People and Families. What it did provide me was the ability to understand people and the value of good communication.

As I entered the world of work later than planned, I now feel empowered and motivated to be/do the best I can.


What are your hobbies outside work?

I have been a scout leader for many years, although since Covid I have taken a step back. I still support the group where I can, most recently providing the catering for their camp.

I love camping and really want to travel and explore so I have just bought a van to convert into a campervan.

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Meet the Team - Emma Jagger Emma Jagger