Our mission is to drive sustainable demand for British wool in order to maximise returns for our members.

Improving Wool Delivery Service At Over 100 Drop-Off Sites

Providing a high level of service to our members which is convenient and reliable is a key focus for British Wool.  With over 100 drop-off sites across the UK including grading depots, intermediate depots and on-farm drop-off sites, British Wool regularly reviews the network of sites to ensure the service to members remains high with sites located in the most convenient locations.

By way of improving the service this year, each drop-off site will have a poster located inside the building with a QR code which is unique to each site.  Members delivering at the drop-off site should scan the QR code with their mobile phone to register their wool delivery.  A message will be sent to British Wool acknowledging the delivery of wool against the member account which then enables any payment due to be paid.  Members would receive payment within 5 working days.

Please find below a step-by-step guide to using the QR codes – this should only take a minute or two but will be key in registering receipt of your wool so payment can be released and paid to you quickly and efficiently.

  •   Find the QR code that is conveniently located on a wall within your drop-off    point or collection centre.
  •   Open the built-in camera app on your mobile phone. 
  •   Point the camera directly at the QR code keeping the camera in focus. 
  •   A yellow outline will appear around the QR code, and a yellow banner will also      appear below the QR code with a link. Click the yellow link. 
  •   A website will open with an electronic form, click “Start Now”. Fill in the form        with your relevant information and click “Submit”.
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Improving Wool Delivery Service At Over 100 Drop-Off Sites