Our mission is to drive sustainable demand for British wool in order to maximise returns for our members.

How we are encouraging designers to use wool

British Wool's Yarn Collection is a compelling call to action for the fashion industry to recognise the untapped potential of British wool fibre. This unique initiative showcases eight yarn spinners who specify British sheep farmers' wool for their selected yarn ranges. The Yarn Collection provides a comprehensive sourcing guide, simplifying the process for buyers and designers interested in incorporating British wool into their projects.

Featuring esteemed spinners like Z Hinchcliffe & Sons, Laxtons, Shepley Yarns, Wool Library, Knoll, E. Miroglio, Hilados Egarfil, and Transilana, the Yarn Collection offers a diverse selection of yarns. This empowers designers and buyers to explore new avenues of creativity, with a wide range of options for their artistic endeavours.

Furthermore, the collection features 5 innovative yarns that exemplify the versatility and potential of British wool in the knitwear industry. These distinctive yarns serve as tangible demonstrations for buyers and designers, illustrating the remarkable breadth of possibilities that our local wool offers when crafting new apparel collections for the AW 24/25 season.

The Yarn Collection also incorporates the Shepherd's Crook mark logo, a symbol of quality and integrity. This logo guarantees that the yarns included in the collection are exclusively made from British wool sourced from local sheep farmers. It acts as a trusted seal of approval, providing assurance to buyers and designers that they are working with authentic British wool.

For the end brands, the Shepherd's Crook mark logo offers peace of mind, ensuring that the yarns they select are not only of superior quality but also ethically and sustainably sourced. It enables them to make informed choices and support local British wool growers while contributing to a more transparent and responsible supply chain.

Through the Yarn Collection initiative, British Wool is not only urging the fashion industry to reconsider the possibilities of British wool fibre but also inspiring industry professionals to push boundaries and embrace the limitless potential that this remarkable local material holds.

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How we are encouraging designers to use wool