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British Wool Depots - 'Open and looking forward to receiving your wool'

‘We are open and looking forward to receiving your wool’ says Cameron Solley, Depot Manager, Galashiels:

Despite the recent challenges facing the wool sector and the economy in general as result of the Covid-19 pandemic, British Wool depots and collection sites across the UK are fully operational, receiving and collecting wool as usual.

Given the current circumstances, this in itself is quite an achievement and all depots and sites are following Government guidance relating to Covid-19.  These protocols are in place to ensure the safety of producers as well as British Wool staff. 

With a warm and dry spring many areas have had a good start to the shearing season.  Empty wool sheets, string and labels are available as usual in the normal way - if you are unsure, or require additional sheets, please contact your local depot. Click here to find your nearest depot, collection site or haulier.

Once shearing is completed then you are ready to make arrangements to deliver your wool, please contact your local depot, collection site or haulier.  Arranging a convenient day and time is key, especially as we operate within Covid-19 guidelines to ensure we keep everyone safe and well.  As always, British Wool takes all types of wool, lowland and mountain types.

After the wool has been delivered, every fleece is individually graded which determines the grade and quality.  Grading every fleece adds value as this separates the better quality from the poorer, with the better quality wool achieving a higher price which is then returned to the producer.  All British wool is independently tested for micron, colour and dry yield (the latter is the weight left after the wool is scoured & washed) before it can be sold at auction. 

The early signs regarding the quality of this year’s clip indicates that wool seems to be of a higher quality, with the depots having issued 33% more excellent clip certificates compared to the same time last year.

Continuing to provide producers with a high level of service is important and will always be a key focus for us as a business.  All wool producers, and the UK sheep sector, should have the confidence they can continue to rely on British Wool as a trusted partner in representing the best interests of producers and in increasing wool returns in the long term.

To keep updated on British Wool activity, please follow @BritishWoolFarm on social media platforms. 

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British Wool Depots - 'Open and looking forward to receiving your wool' Cameron Solley, Depot Manager at Galashiels Grading Depot
Wool Grading, each fleece is individually graded to maximise the wool's value.