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Targeting the Consumer with the wool message

To increase consumer awareness of British wool and its many benefits British Wool has conducted several different campaigns throughout 2022 targeting the mainstream press and this work continues into 2023.


The first campaign back in May 2022 concentrated on the benefits of wool for women going through the menopause. This campaign gained some really good coverage and traction appearing in publications such as the Daily Mirror, Daily Record and the Daily Star. The campaign also featured on over 300 local radio stations.

This was followed up with another campaign on sleep and wool called “What side of the bed do you sleep on?” this focused on the benefits of sleeping under and on top of wool products. This campaign gained excellent coverage featuring in publications such as The Independent, Daily Mirror, MSN as well as more lifestyle publications such as Prima and House Beautiful. Graham Clark, Director of Marketing commented “Wool, and particularly British wool is an excellent product for sleeping on and under as it regulates your body temperature leading to a better nights sleep. This is a message that we are determined to educate consumers about and, in the process, increase sales of British wool bedding and mattresses in the UK.”

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion and the issues it causes the environment has been well publicised over the past few years and British Wool’s “What on earth are you wearing campaign?” aimed to educate consumers about how wool garments could be part of the solution to this global problem.

Graham commented “This research was very important and also eye opening in terms of the number of garments consumers are discarding. We wanted to try and encourage consumers to buy better and less often as opposed to buying cheap throw away fashion and this will form a crucial part of our messaging moving forward. Wool garments simply do not have the detrimental affect on the planet that synthetic clothes do as they are made with natural and renewable fibres, do not omit harmful micro-fibres when washed, do not need to be washed as regularly and will last you many years as opposed to just one season.”

Insulating the Home

The current campaign focuses on the benefits of using British wool products to help insulate your home, mainly in carpets and insulation. This looked at research on how well people’s home were insulated and whether this was an area consumers are investing in. Thus far the articles have been in the Daily Express as well as in several regional publications with the expectation that the campaign will gain further traction over the coming weeks.

As well as the 4 main campaigns coverage has also been gained on seasonal releases such as the British wool Christmas jumper and an article on how to buy more sustainably in 2023. “As we try and change consumer buying habits and promote the wonderful products our wool goes into it is important that we continue to be in the mainstream press to help deliver the messages and this sort of year-round activity allows us to do just that” concluded Graham.

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Targeting the Consumer with the wool message