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British Wool: supporting the UK Shearing sector during Covid-19

Gareth Jones, Head of Producer Marketing at British Wool explains how we are supporting the UK Shearing sector during Covid-19.

Working with industry partners, British Wool has developed a register for shearing contractors and shearers.  This is in response to the current Covid-19 situation and due to less overseas shearers travelling to the UK for this year’s shearing season. 

A large number of shearers, wool handlers and contractors have already listed their details on the Shearing Register.  With the recent good weather most of us have experienced in May, many have had a good start to the shearing season with some areas ahead of where they’d normally be by this time of year.  For any contractors or shearers who may be interested, the Shearing Register can be accessed here.

As the safety and wellbeing of shearers, wool handlers and farmers is paramount at all times, a Checklist for Shearers and Farmers has been produced.  The focus of the Checklist is to encourage everyone to work in partnership and keep everyone operating at safe distances.  Practical measures are also in place to allow shearing to continue whilst protecting everyone’s safety. It will be a very different season to normal due to the Covid-19 pandemic and everyone must be extra vigilant to keep safe whilst ensuring animal welfare is protected.   The Checklist can be viewed here.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all British Wool shearing courses have been cancelled this year.  In response to requests from within the industry, British Wool have developed training aids for those wishing to brush up on their shearing skills.  The training aids include a 30 minute video on the ‘First Steps in Shearing’ a downloadable poster with a ‘Step by Step’ guide to shearing and also a newly developed animation.  The training aids have been well received by both shearers and farmers with the animation in particular, receiving a huge response on social media.  The training aids can be accessed here.

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I wish you all a successful and safe shearing season.

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British Wool: supporting the UK Shearing sector during Covid-19 Gareth Jones, Head of Producer Marketing at British Wool