Gethin Havard, British Wool southern Wales board member

British Wool looks forward to Welsh Sheep 2017

This year’s Welsh Sheep event at Talybont on Usk, Brecon, will give wool producers the opportunity to interact with a number of key British Wool personnel and gain a full insight to the work British Wool is doing on their behalf.

British Wool, which is a mainline sponsor of the event, will be showcasing the full range of its activities, including explaining the wool supply chain from start to finish as well as hosting a series of gear maintenance demonstrations throughout the day to aid shearers to ensure their gear is in the best possible shape ahead of the forthcoming shearing season, said British Wool southern Wales board member Gethin Havard.

“Shearing is the start of the wool supply chain and well maintained shearing equipment is essential to good quality shearing which in turn can greatly enhance the value of a wool clip. Inadequately maintained gear can result in excessive secondary blows, meaning in poorly presented fleeces and potentially less valued wool.”

Mr Havard said the event promised to be an excellent opportunity for wool producers and the organisation to interact. “We know from past experience how much wool producers value the opportunity to interact with staff and board members at these events.

“It is the best opportunity they have to learn more about what British Wool is doing on their behalf to maximise the value of their clip and also gives them a chance to understand what they can do on farm to help produce high quality wool.”

Mr Havard said the importance of wool produced in Wales to British Wool shouldn’t be underestimated with Welsh wool producers contributing a significant volume of the wool handled and sold by British Wool each year.

“The organisation’s stand at Welsh Sheep will be a focal point for all that is important in the wool sector and will give producers the opportunity to quiz key British Wool personnel, myself included, on the current trends in the wool market and more importantly what the board is doing for them.

These regional sheep events provide producers with a great opportunity to meet and socialise, but there is an important business element too and British Wool is all too well aware that producers want to know more about what their wool is worth in the coming season, said acting producer communications manager Lauren Boulton.

“We’ll be explaining the latest wool values and helping farmers understand what they can do to maximise the value of their clip. British Wool is unique in UK agriculture and it is in producers’ interests to support the organisation in its work to sell British wool on their behalf to buyers across the world,” she adds.

Ms Boulton said that in addition to learning more about the work of British Wool, visitors to the stand will also be able to try their hand at an ‘Identify the Breed’ competition, with entrants having to identify fleeces from six different breeds of sheep.

“While the core focus of the stand will be the business of wool, this competition is a light hearted element, but is still highly educational and provides event visitors with the chance to handle fleeces of different types to better understand why some wools are more highly valued than others.

A ‘Wool on the Hoof’ competition will also be run for sheep on Breed Society trade stands, with this being judged by Brian Jones from British Wool’s Brecon depot, said Ms Boulton.

"Welsh Sheep is a pivotal event in the sheep farming calendar and we're looking forward to meeting plenty of sheep farmers to help them appreciate the work British Wool does and listen to their queries and concerns on wool marketing," she added.


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Gethin Havard, British Wool southern Wales board member


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